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The sound of the bell

Title: The sound of the bell
Category: Singularities
Country: Spain, Andalucian
Period: XX Century
Provided by: AE
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A company that descends from a saga of master foundries dating from 1881, from Torredonjimeno, in Jaén, they melt bells in an artisanal way, but also restore them and are in charge of automating bell towers. They have introduced new technologies in the world of these musical instruments, and the ringing of the bells is controlled even with the mobile. Its bells can be found in many parts of Spain and in corners such as the USA, Madagascar and Japan.

Bell metal is a very strong type of metal alloy. This alloy is a type of bronze that uses copper with tin in a ratio of 3: 1 (78% vs. 22% in precise values), which are easily melted together and then cast, producing the loudest alloy of all the bronzes, the more serious and deep tone being the greater amount of copper the bell has. The main ore is stannite, a sulphide of copper, tin and iron.

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