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Imagery, the sculpture of the Passion | Singularities

Keywords: Sculpture, wood, polychromy, holy week, baroque

Imagery, the sculpture of the Passion

Title: Imagery, the sculpture of the Passion
Category: Singularities
Country: Spain
Period: XX Century
Provided by: UMA
Source: author's website, YouTube, Córdoba Cofradiera blog, wikipedia
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Francisco Romero Zafra is a sculptor, imager and restorer from Cordoba widely recognized for his work. A disciple of Antonio Bernal, he uses a variety of techniques to capture feeling, pain and devotion in his sculptures of the Andalusian Holy Week.  Imagery is a multidisciplinary art that combines sculpture, plastering, painting, dressing and embroidery to create the figures on display during Easter.

He has made more than a hundred works that are processed in many cities of the country and abroad, as well as restorations of ancient works that have regained their splendor under his hand.

Francis masters not only sculpture but also polychromics as painting was one of his activities before dedicating himself fully to imagery.