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Artisan and traditional crafts represent a valuable European heritage that must be protected and cared. That requires the preservation of knowledge, skills and abilities of traditional and guild trades as well as ensuring the economic and commercial viability of these firms, which allows their practitioners to live on them.

ARTCademy is a knowledge-based project which aims to preserve and strengthen the European artisan and traditional crafts sector. For this purpose, it will work in two ways: first, keeping and protecting ancestral knowledge concerning to traditional jobs, particularly these in risk of disappearing; second, providing to these sector's firms tools and skills for their survival and development as profitable businesses.

In order to achieve this aim, two concrete actions are defined:

1. The creation of a repository of artisan knowledge called "CRAFTpedia" in which traditional technical and cultural knowledge about craft professions will be collected and classified.

2. The development of an online platform where Open Educational Resources and business training material "Biz-Training" will be deployed to provide business training to micro-craft-enterprises in order to enhance its competitiveness in the European market.