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National Seminar in Romania

On 10 September 2020, EDUNET organized a Natinal seminar at the Hotel Prestige, Craiova, Romania.

The aims of the seminar were:

to share the project outputs ;
to increase the knowledge of participants on the topic;
to provide a hands-on experience of using the training platform ;
to networking, share experience, interests and goals about training activities can be done with the project outputs;
to gain the participants' views and suggestions regarding the sustainability of our project results.

The seminar was delivered to 30 people:

The topics of the seminar included:

Presentation of the, the main results of the project : OER Platform and Virtual Knowledge Community , CRAFTpedia: Repository of Artisan Knowledge training model and the learning platform;
Presentation of the Biz-Training: Training and a workshop on how to use it;
Discussion to exchange ideas on ways to use the project results;
Collect feedback for measuring the potential impact of the project’s outputs by administrating evaluation questionnaires to the participants

The participants of the seminar declared that the facilities were satisfactory, time allotted for the presentation and discussions was adequate, the presentations were appropriate for their level of knowledge, the seminar met their expectations and they had good opportunities for exchanging experiences , good practices and networking with others having shared interests and goals.