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Handmade Straw Hat | Vegetable fibres

Keywords: Hat, straw

Handmade Straw Hat

Title: Handmade Straw Hat
Category: Vegetable fibres
Country: Marche, Italy
Period: XX Century
Provided by: IDP


Straw hats were originally used by field workers to protect themselves from sunlight. Usually it was made by girls as a game and by women to contribute to family budget.
They could be made of straw, rafia or “rascello” to create different shapes of hats in various colours. 
Marcella Bitossi is an anrtisan in Montelupo Fiorentino who makes straw hats with different types of weavings: smooth, perforated, striped, checkered or rhombus-shaped.
The video shows the manufacturing of straw hats in small and medium enterprises of Fermo, Italy. The hats are made starting from a small braid of straw and then interlaced together.