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Esparto grass and bulrush handcrafts | Vegetable fibres

Keywords: Esparto grass braiding, esparto baskets, carpets

Esparto grass and bulrush handcrafts

Title: Esparto grass and bulrush handcrafts
Category: Vegetable fibres
Country: Andalusia, Spain
Period: XX Century
Provided by: UMA
Source: internet, youtube, canal sur andalucía TV
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Esparto: a humble vegetable fiber that transforms into the expert hands of the 'esparteros' in beautiful designs of a practical nature.

Traditional craftsmanship that gave shape from esparto and pleita, to tools for farming or house: baskets, carpets, panniers, etc.

Techniques: from country to market, esparto is harvested, dried, cured and braided into different forms. The technique of braiding vegetal fibers is called 'pleita'.

Main material is esparto (lygeum spartum), and also bulrush or cattail (thyfa).

The esparto braiding is spread in all the centre and south of Spain, Andalusia and Castilla, Baleary Islands, as well as Southern regions in other Mediterranean countries.