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Goma Laca, furniture restoration | Singularities

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Keywords: Restoration of antique furniture, recycling furniture, high cabinetry

Goma Laca, furniture restoration

Title: Goma Laca, furniture restoration
Category: Singularities
Country: Spain
Period: XX Century
Provided by: UMA
Source: Facebook, firm website
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Goma Laca is  a Granada family business specialized in the restoration and recycling of antique furniture. Founded in 1993, it has an experience that already encompasses the fourth generation of artisans, who provide them the knowledge and skills to carry out any restoration of the furniture.

Their work techniques are completely handcrafted, both in the repair, treatment, reconstruction, varnishing and decoration of any type of antique furniture, ranging from household items such as chairs or arches, to clocks, church altars or reliquaries.

The scarcity of prepared artisans and the predominance of industrial techniques in this sector make this company a unique case of preserving the cultural heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

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