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Lapithos water jars | Glass, ceramic and pottery

Keywords: Jars and household pottey

Lapithos water jars

Title: Lapithos water jars
Category: Glass, ceramic and pottery
Country: Cyprus
Period: XX Century
Provided by: OPEI


-The art of glazed pottery, which comes from Byzantium, appeared in Paphos and Lapithos in the 14th century AD.

The raw material for pottery was - and continues to this day to be - clay, which in the case of Lapithos pottery must be of very good quality, free of foreign matter, sticky and fine. This type of clay, which can only be found in Lapithos, was named kouliastos, from the way it is processed.

In the early 20th century, during World War I and the period after that, the descent of the Asia Minor craftsmen proved an important landmark in the history of Lapithos pottery making.

The art of pottery is deeply rooted in Lapithos and inseparably linked to the inhabitants. Some craftsmen would add the capacity “Potter” after their signature on their creations, as it was considered a special honour. 

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