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Cerámica de la Cartuja - La Cartuja's ceramics | Glass, ceramic and pottery

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Cerámica de la Cartuja - La Cartuja's ceramics

Title: Cerámica de la Cartuja - La Cartuja's ceramics
Category: Glass, ceramic and pottery
Country: Andalusia, Spain
Period: XX Century
Provided by: UMA
Source: internet, youtube, Andalusian Department of Culture and Historic Heritage blog
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Andalusian fine pottery worked in the Monastery of La Cartuja of Seville in the nineteenth century. Nowadays it is manufactured in Salteras.

A total staff of 12 ceramists create printed earthenware, white slabs of flint, earthenware decorated with calco varnish, painted and opaque porcelain.

Technique: a solid mixture is spread over the mould and dried. A liquid mixture is prepared and injected into plaster moulds for the first cooking, at 1.120 degrees for 12 hours. Then pieces are bathed in a liquid pore cap before being decorated. Colour is fixed with a second baked between 700 and 850 degrees for 20 hours, being immersed afterwards in white glaze. It is baked for the last time at 1.015 degrees for 12 hours. Burrs are removed and small imperfections are polished.

Main materials: clay from England, kaolin from Burela, sand from Cadiz, calcium carbonate, silica and feldspar.