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Tinker craft

Title: Tinker craft
Category: Metal and ironwork
Country: originally northwestern Slovakia, later the whole Slovakia
Period: XX Century
Provided by: Comenius
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Tinker craft production is registered as an intangible cultural heritage of Slovak republic. The tinkers symbolized the Slovaks in the 19th century. Originally tinkers repaired holes in metal vessels such as pots or pans, later they produced practical household things and kitchenware. The “mobile” tinkers journeyed from village to village with tinkers’ backpacks, where they had everything they needed. Later they spread from Slovakia abroad, even to distant countries, like Russia, USA, Argentina or Australia. Able wireworkers later founded professional workshops and guilds, later even manufactories. Although this craft was gradually replaced by manufacturing at the beginning of the 20th century, it has been preserved in its artistic – craft form until now.

In the video preview is the profile of the master of folk-art production Ladislav Jurovaty. The basic material of the tinker is the wire and the basic form is the string, which is produced by winding on a needle. Subsequently, various shapes are formed from the wire, for which are used several types of tools, particularly the pliers. The artistic tinker can work according to the graphic design or according to his own imagination. His work requires a lot of time and patience, diligence and humility. The wire products are naturally ornamental.