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Egraving and Inprinting in Silk | Singularities

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Egraving and Inprinting in Silk

Title: Egraving and Inprinting in Silk
Category: Singularities
Country: Cyprus
Period: XX Century
Provided by: OPEI
Source: Web page of Artist, local press
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Engraving and imprinting in Silk. Hambis a local artist in imprinting decided in 2007 to create  the non-profit organisation Hambis Printmaking School and Museum, that was part of Hambis’ vision of life: to get the Cypriots to know the art of printmaking, to learn how to make a print and to appreciate the prints of Cypriot and foreign artists both contemporary and from previous centuries.

The museum opened its doors in the summer of 2008, with a humble collection of a few hundreds of works all coming from donations. Hambis generously donated his small personal collection and some of his prints, along with printmakers from Cyprus and Greece who came to the museum to give the first modern works to the collection, as well as friends collectors  – who donated enthusiastically one or more works from their collection.

Over the years, the donations have continued from loyal friends of the museum who come and visit us regularly, as well as from Cypriot and foreign printmakers, enriching the collection of the museum.

The temporary exhibitions held by the museum are also a good opportunity for donations by the exhibiting artists.