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Manufacturing of Gille Masks | Glass, ceramic and pottery

Keywords: Mask, Gille, Ceramic

Manufacturing of Gille Masks

Title: Manufacturing of Gille Masks
Category: Glass, ceramic and pottery
Country: Belgium
Period: XX Century
Provided by: IHF


The Binche Carnival is the most famous carnival event in Belgium. There is evidence of Binche Carnival since 1395, when people used to meet around a bonfire the day of Marti Gras to celebrate the winter’s end, but the Carnival as we know it today goes back to 1500. The traditional character is the “Gille”, a peasant mask, worn by everyone in Marti Gras and that costume is totally handmade. In the video there is an example of the manufacturing of Gille masks. The artisan explains that he uses the basic mold in order to give the mask the right form. Then, he paints on the masks the typical moustache and the glasses. 

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