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Manufacturing of "Teste di Moro" in Caltagirone's pottery | Glass, ceramic and pottery

Keywords: Ceramic, manufacturing, clay

Manufacturing of "Teste di Moro" in Caltagirone's pottery

Title: Manufacturing of "Teste di Moro" in Caltagirone's pottery
Category: Glass, ceramic and pottery
Country: Sicily, Italy
Period: XX Century
Provided by: IDP
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The video shows the different stages of production of the famous and precious "Teste di Moro", a typical piece of Sicilian handcraft. The process consists in different steps: the first step consists in giving shape to the creation and this happens through two important steps: turning and modelling. The second step is the drying: each piece after taking shape is left to expel all the water contained in the clay and when it is completely dry it will pass to the first firing in the oven for about 13 hours. After the first firing, all the pieces are painted and retouched by taking a white colour. Once the painting is finished, the pieces are ready to pass into the hands of the decorators, who will give colour and style to the creation. The last step is the second firing in the oven and it is the most important phase where everything acquires brightness, thus enhancing colours and shapes.