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Flax processing | Vegetable fibres

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Flax processing

Title: Flax processing
Category: Vegetable fibres
Country: Slovakia
Period: XX Century
Provided by: Comenius


Linen products processing

The history of origin goes back to 7th Millennium before Christ, but in Europe it is popular around 18th century and it extended into different parts of Slovakia, typically on the North area, e.g. around Bardejov.

Linen products manufacture is made by breaking the cellulose core to release the flax fibres, removing the coarsest pieces of cellulose, short and brittle fibres and arranging them parallel. Starting with the rough hackle and moving on to a fine hackle, it is important to hackle also the middle. Then tow is saved and spun into coarser yarn. The final products are carpets, shirts, sheets, dresses and so many other things.