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Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec | Glass, ceramic and pottery

Keywords: Pottery, stoneware, ceramics, firing, stamping hand-painting

Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec

Title: Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec
Category: Glass, ceramic and pottery
Country: Poland, Lower Silesia
Period: XX Century
Provided by: AGH
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Pottery is a top brand of Boleslawiec, a Polish city in the Lower Silesia for a very long time. Produced from the beginning of the nineteenth century until today, it has not changed its original and unique character. Its unique appearance has survived to these days in its original form. Each piece of the ware is hand-painted or stamped. In this way, each product is original and unique. All ceramic vessels and other products are made from stoneware. They are formed, then hand-painted and burned at temperatures over 1.250 degrees Celsius.