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The glass blowing art | Glass, ceramic and pottery

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The glass blowing art

Title: The glass blowing art
Category: Glass, ceramic and pottery
Country: Europe
Period: XX Century
Provided by: IHF
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The art of glass blowing was first discovered in the Middle East along the Phoenician coast in 20 B.C. This new technique changed the use of glass from jewelry and ornaments to necessities. 

Glass blowing of vases and art objects is still done in basically the same way as it was originally done. Glass blowers dip in a iron pipe in the melt and roll a small amount of molten glass on the end. Then they roll the molten glass against a paddle or metal plate to give it an initial shape. Blowing into the pipe they create a bubble and with wooden paddles with holes and wet newspapers they shape the glass. Shears can be used to cut the softened glass. Additional melted glass can be applied and shaped into stems, handles, and other decorative artwork. The hot piece of glassware can be dipped into molten glass of a contrasting color. Glass of all types can be colored by the addition of metals, metal oxides or other compounds to the melt.

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