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Handmade silver bracelet | Jewellery

Keywords: silver bracelet, melting technique

Handmade silver bracelet

Title: Handmade silver bracelet
Category: Jewellery
Country: Romania, Ardeal
Period: XX Century
Provided by: Edunet
Source: Youtube, internet, Romano ButiQ


In Romania this handcraft of making jewerly from silver dates back hundreds of years. Today only a few craftsmen are doing this art.

In the video a gypsy silversmith show how to melt silver and haw to make a bracelet from a piece of silver.

First, he cut a piece of silver, it melt it by an ancient technique and shape it into a bracelet. The tools used are a hammer and an anvil. In the next step the silversmith uses a smaller hammer, for the finishing touches. 

At the end the craftsman decorates the bracelet and polishes it with different types of files and a piece a felt.

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