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Romanian blouse (ia) handmade sewing technique | Textile

Keywords: handmade sewing technique, folk blouse, traditional embroidery pattern

Romanian blouse (ia) handmade sewing technique

Title: Romanian blouse (ia) handmade sewing technique
Category: Textile
Country: Romania, all region
Period: XX Century
Provided by: Edunet
Source: Youtube, internet,,
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Romanian folk blouse is part of the Romanian traditional costume from ancient times and its roots originate in the port of the Thracians and Geto-Dacian.

Ia is a component of the Romanian folk costume, wich varies from one region to another, by the embroidery pattern, the colors used as well as the ornaments used, sequins or beads.
In first video is presented how to make the famous traditional Romanian blouse (ia). The blouse can be made of flax, hemp, wool or cotton.

 The sleeves, chest and neck are the most decorated with embroidery.

For ia, it requires a lot of technical  knowledge: how to make the cut, the points used in ornamentation and how to make them, the materials needed for making the ia.

The materials used are: white cotton cloth, colored and white threads, scissors for cutting, sewing needles, tailoring meter, cutting table.