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Horseshoe – metal melting traditional technique | Metal and ironwork

Keywords: traditional craftsmanship, metal melting technique, metal horseshoe

Horseshoe –  metal melting traditional technique

Title: Horseshoe – metal melting traditional technique
Category: Metal and ironwork
Country: Romania/Muntenia
Period: XX Century
Provided by: Edunet
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The video shows how it is made a horseshoe and how it is place on the horse's foot.

First, the blacksmith takes a piece of iron  and put it into the fire. He is waiting for the temperature to get to 1200 degrees, to be able to work it. The piece of iron is removed from the fire and the blacksmith begins to beat it. He putting it inside the fire once more and he beat the metal again and bend it until  takes the form of a horseshoe. After that, he makes holes for the studs.

The blacksmith puts the metal into the fire again, to make the 2 ends, wich are curled up.  He bending it a bit and the horseshoe it’s done. Now he need to shape it according to the horse’s foot. The horseshoe cannot be bigger or smaller than the horse's foot.

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