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Loom weaving technique | Textile

Keywords: Textile, loom, weaving.

Loom weaving technique

Title: Loom weaving technique
Category: Textile
Country: Spain
Period: XX Century
Provided by: IWS
Source: Peasantartcraft


- The items represented in the image are different handmade rugs with different colours.
- The technique used, is called “loom weaving technique” which implies using a loom machine.
- The material used is textile, silk.
- The area of origin in Spain of rug techniques is the province of Almeria, in the villages of Finana and Pechina, which were the main producers of the woven silk from 10th to 13th century. Nowadays the city of production of the rugs is Nijar along with Laujar de Andarax.
The video shows the way the loom is used to create this craft-made rugs.

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