According to the course, which are the three basic criteria the content and structure must be based on your web page?
Accessibility and functionality
Usability, user-friendliness and accessibility
User-friendliness, Usability and efficiency

What does ‘pinning’ stand for in Pinterest?
It stands for posting
It stands for ‘friends on Pinterest’
It stands for Pinterest

Which are the most popular forms of digital advertising?
The most popular forms of display ads are only banners and landing pages.
The most popular forms of display ads are banners, landing pages and popups. For example, Google offers the option of paying for their banners so you can advert yourself in these spaces.
Digital advertising has not got any popular forms.

Except from being a good way to know other people belonging to your sector, subscribing to a professional group could be also:
It can be a good idea in terms of being up-to-date about new trends of our speciality.
It is only good to meet other colleagues
It can be a good idea to minimize your business ideas

Could you name some crowdfunding platforms?
Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, GoFundMe
Google meet, Zoom, Skype
Facebook and Instagram