Leadership is understood as:
Effective team management and achieving goals
Responsibility for ensuring effective implementation of the vision
Creating a convincing vision, passing it on to others and helping to understand and get involved in it.

The most effective management style in art and craft firms is:
Autocratic style, as employees should listen to the owner
Democratic style, because everyone can influence the development of a company
There is no single style that is always effective

Feedback is particularly important in the process of:
Motivating and developing employees
Informing about current tasks and explaining problems
Disciplining employees and punishing employees

What does the case of so-called Apollo team, noticed by Meredith Belbin, teaches?
Only the best or very good candidates should be selected for the team
Candidates who have no professional experience in the industry should not be selected
When selecting team members the leader cannot choose only the best from the best candidates

According to the Bruce Tuckman model, each team goes through the following 4 stages during its life cycle:
Building, Integrating, Performing and Setting up.
Forming, Integrating, Performing and Rewarding.
Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.