7 essential ICT tool for internationalization


7 essential ICT tool for internationalization
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At the end of this training fiche you will have enough knowledge about internationalizing your business and which 7 ICT tools are the best for reaching that goal. 


Internationalization is a key trend in e-commerce to help boost online businesses. According to Royal Mail, 68% of small and medium sized retailers in the UK are looking to target new overseas markets. However, to be successful moving into other markets requires a lot of work.

Internationalization, unfortunately, does not only mean translating the shop and adapting the shipping costs. In rapidly growing international markets, you are facing tough competition. Therefore, it is essential to understand the market and adjust your marketing and sales efforts to the expectations of international customers. The following seven tools will help you to achieve this goal.


Global market finder: This is a tool that is designed by google and it allows you to assess the competition level in your target market by showing AdWords statistics. For every keyword that you use, you can analyze the click- through- rate and the cost- per- click. This provides insight as to whether the market is growing, saturated, declining or non-existent. It also shows you the costs of an AdWords campaign.

Consumer barometer: Each consumer has a unique profile, when you compare different type of consumers from different countries this will even become clearer. Therefore, it is important that you know your current and potential customers and their shopping behavior, so you can adjust your offer.

Google trends: This is also a tool that is designed by google and it helps you to analyze the amount of search inquiries for a certain keyword or a given country. This tool gives you a clear idea of which words and sentences you need to include for your search engine optimization. This is a tool that is very easy to use, you just need to enter a keyword and a curve will show you the amount of search inquires over a time span.

Zeitgeist: this means in German “spirit of the time”, it highlights what has attracted the attention of internet users worldwide during a year. Google has been tracking the behavior of the users for twelve years now, the research can be viewed by day, month or year worldwide or for a specific country. As with the Global Market finder, knowing what attracts the attention puts you in a great position.

PayPal passport: Every country has its habits, whether they are cultural, social or regarding distribution and consumption. The PayPal passport helps you to expand your international sales by providing you information about the cultural habits, laws and national holidays.

Such as:

Seasonal sales peaks, including holidays and events

Shipping and distribution logistics

Cultural customs, taboos and trends

Custom procedures and taxes

Currency exchange and fees

The platform also gives you access to case studies and best practices, there is no better way of learning from people that succeeded in internationalization of their business.

Digital life: This is a tool that is based on advanced technology and the expertise of a market leader, this tool combines a survey of current behaviors with unique way of mapping consumer needs in order to understand what consumers are doing and why. It offers you a digital world and the frameworks that are required to make global strategies or local tactics.

Our Mobile Planet: If you want to know more about the use of the smartphone in a specific country this is a great tool. This tool allows you to learn more about smartphone adoption and usage across 48 countries. It gives you an in depth understanding of the mobile customer in order for you to prepare your mobile strategy.


After reading this training fiche you will know about analytics tools, websites and e-shops for internationalization.


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