Procedures and Cost


Procedures and Cost
Data protection, Rights, Obligations, Registration, Brand
To make known, the fundamentals and general concepts of the regulations on personal data protection, intellectual property and the Brand Registry, through a study of the most relevant aspects of them, thus facilitating an overview of the Rights and Obligations and offering a practical vision of existing obligations

The new European Data Protection Regulation entered into force on May 25, 2018 in all countries of the European Union. This new regulation affects all companies as soon as they have personal data of clients, workers and third parties, enhancing an active commitment in the safeguarding of fundamental rights, in particular those related to privacy in all areas, but especially on the internet

Acquire knowledge and skills to know the personal data protection system, in the most relevant aspects. The treatment and procedures that should be given to such data; the rights and obligations of the holder and the person responsible for them and the penalty system in case of non-compliance.

In the same way, matters as relevant to companies as Intellectual Property and Brand Registration are treated


• Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO). How to register the corporate image. The logotype.

• Once you have chosen your name and created the logo, which includes your unique value proposition, it is time to register the brand to protect it from competition and that it cannot be used by others.

• Registration is done at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) whose website is http://www.oepm.es.

• The first thing you have to do is check if the brand you are going to register has not been registered in the following link: http://sitadex.oepm.es/localizador/buscardenominacion.jsp

• Write the name of the brand or part in the first section and click on locate.

• What do you need to have prepared before starting the process? Brand name, image in case of being graphic or both in case of being mixed.

• If the brand has an image because it is graphic or mixed, you must have the image prepared in the following format: “Jpg or tif, maximum 8 cm wide x 12 cm high (945 x 1417 pixels), 300 dpi”

Holder of the brand.

• Data of the person or company that will be the owner of the brand.

• Classes in which you will register it

• Trademarks are registered according to the products or services for which they are intended. The SPTO is based on the international classification of brand products and services (Nice classification 10th edition, 2012).

• You can register your brand in as many classes as you wish taking into account that you have to pay for each class. Your brand will be protected for the services and products that are included in the classes in which you have registered it.

• Remember!: You only protect the classes in which you register your brand

• In the following link you can see the classes available for you to choose the most suitable one / s

International classification of brand products and services (CLINMAR) (Nice classification 10th edition, 2012)

• Brand registration cost. Yes, registering a brand has a cost, now. If you do it on your own as we explain here the savings will see that it is considerable with respect to making it a registrar. The rates for 2018 are as follows:

• Face-to-face registration: First class: € 147.49, Second and following classes: € 95.55

• Registration through the electronic headquarters: First class: € 125.36, Second and following classes: € 81.21

• How will I know when I have the trademark registration? The brand will be published approximately in one day and from this moment it will be public two months in case any third party wants to oppose its registration. If there is no opposition, within two months, you will receive the brand title and ... It will be yours!

• You can check the status of the trademark registration in the following link by writing the name of the brand or part in the first section and clicking on “locate” http://sitadex.oepm.es/localizador/buscardenominacion.jsp

• CRAFTS REGISTRATION. Procedure that aims at the voluntary registration of those artisan subjects whose trade or trades are included in the Directory of Crafts Trades of Andalusia. The result of the first registration in the Registry is the official issuance of the Artisan Letter, in order to publicly identify the artisan subjects


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