Technical problem solving


Technical problem solving
Safety, devices, protecting devices, data privacy, personal data
•    You will learn how to protect your personal information.
•    You will learn how to protect your devices.
•    You will learn which platforms are more suitable for commercializing your craft goods.
•    You will learn how to solve technical problems to reach your potential customers. 

Nowadays it is essential to protect our personal data in our devices if we want to buy and sell on the internet. Privacy is the first step we have to take into account. On the other hand, in order to commercialize our craft goods on the internet, we must also take care of other things like, for instance, what kind of platform we are going to use and what kind of technical problems we may face when we want to address the highest amount of potential clients.


• When it comes to commercialize our craft goods or services, it is easy that we face technological problems. We are going to skip basic problems and we are going to list another series of problems we can find and how to solve them.

• The first decision we have to make is how to sell or commercialize our products on the internet. We have to choose among CMS platforms like WordPress or Joomla, or an online shop or a tailored products catalog. If we’d like it to be easy to use and have a personal style, then it should be customized programming. If we look for speed and saving then we should choose a software application to create and manage web sites (and its contents).

• Currently the 31.7 % of web sites are designed with WordPress. Joomla, the following system in the list, is far from it with a 3.1 %.

• However choosing a system like WordPress, is not the panacea as it needs someone who has some experience and knowledge to be able to manage the settings panel, although when we have those skills it could be ourselves.

• Another problem that WordPress presents with regard E-commerce is that it works with templates and once we pick one we may find out that it can’t do certain things or show our products as we’d like or even we have to buy it to do such things. Templates are not expensive though, but it would be an increase of our inversion.

• A sensitive issue is hacking. It is not the same to hack a tailored web page than a WordPress page. If there is a security breach within WordPress, which are frequently found, every web page designed with WordPress will be vulnerable to that breach. That is why it is important that we always have our version updated and have a backup copy of the web and its content. Imagine how easy is to hack a web page that there are already tutorials on the net teaching how to hack a WordPress web site.

• Plugins updates or WordPress updates are also another issue. The most serious problem we can have working with CMS is the called WSoD (White Screen of Death).

• That our web page becomes a white screen is the worst case we could face. Good news is that it can be solved. This can be due to any of these reasons: the installed theme, a plugin or lack of memory (exhausted memory).

• If the problem lies in any of the plugins we can do any of these two things: disable last plugin installed in case we know which one was and check if everything gets back to normal. If it is not the case then we have to take more drastic measures and disable all plugins at once and activate them again one by one until we find which one is causing the error.

• If the problem lies in the theme because it may have updated or have an error, the easiest solution is to change the name of the folder where the theme is saved. WordPress will think then that you have uninstalled the theme so it will put a new one by default. Other option would be to install again the theme from the beginning.

• When it is not due to any of these things, then it means we have a problem with memory. It is also easy to solve, we only need a text editor, open the file wp-config.php and inside the tab php we have to add the following to increase the memory up to 64Mb:

• If we have not been able to delete the white screen though, we still have a chance to find our error: activate DEBUG mode of our php. We get back to our wp-config.php page and look for the following line: define ('WP_DEGUG', false);

• When we find it we add // at the beginning of the line //

• Then we add the following two lines: define ('WP_DEGUG', true); y define ('WP_DEGUG_LOG', true);

• With this, we’ll see on the screen the errors of php code that we have on our web site and prevent our site from being seen.

• When we create our own web site we tend to think that only with that we are going to sell and be visible for millions of people. That is not true at all as what we need is to position our web site and make it visible for our target customers. We can only achieve it through an expert of web positioning.




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