SAFETY – Protecting Personal Data


SAFETY – Protecting Personal Data
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•    You will learn how to protect your personal information.
•    You will learn how to protect your devices.
•    You will learn which platforms are more suitable for commercializing your craft goods.
•    You will learn how to solve technical problems to reach your potential customers. 

Nowadays it is essential to protect our personal data in our devices if we want to buy and sell on the internet. Privacy is the first step we have to take into account. On the other hand, in order to commercialize our craft goods on the internet, we must also take care of other things like, for instance, what kind of platform we are going to use and what kind of technical problems we may face when we want to address the highest amount of potential clients.


• Our information’s security can be based on two main points. The first one is to protect our personal data. We are going to give you some tips about them that may help you keep your information safely:

• Use access passwords for all your devices so you will make it more difficult for strangers to access to your information related to you or to the products you sell.

• These passwords should be complicated, that is, try to avoid using your birthday or the name of your pet as password and try to mix capital letters and lower case, some numbers and any of the ‘strange’ characters like $ or #.

• If you need some kind of raw material for your activity, when you use e-commerce, for example, always access to safe web sites (https) and never make a payment through other pages.

• Also avoid making payments in hotels, bars or restaurants where the Wi-Fi may not be completely trustworthy. Only do it when you know in advance that it is completely safe.

• Please never give any personal information that you are asked for in an email or through a phone call. If you suspect that the call could be authentic, call to the company yourself and ask them if they are doing any kind of telephone campaign asking for this information to users.

• Another option is to encrypt the information we send through email. There has been lately much advance in this sense and there are several programmes that allow us by means of mathematical algorithms to encrypt and decrypt messages to avoid your information being accessed by strangers.

• It is also important to back up your information in your personal devices. This way you will avoid losing your contacts list, high-quality photos of our own products or any relevant information about you or your business.

• We also recommend you save your files in the cloud. The advantage here is that you are not saving the information in your mobile phone or in your computer. In the case your device’s information was in the risk of being stolen, you would have your data externally saved and would have easy and quick access to it.

• Do not store your security passwords in your devices. If someone accessed to your data through your computer, it would be the same as giving them your house keys.




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