Micro funding applications and crowdfunding platforms


Micro funding applications and crowdfunding platforms
Communication, digital technologies, social networks, online collaboration
•    You will learn how to create an effective web page.
•    You will learn which social networks will help you promote your business.
•    You will learn how to advert your business through Google.
•    You will learn new ways of collaboration online.
•    You will learn some platforms for micro funding.

Nowadays it is essential to have good channels of communication and collaboration if we want that our business reach our target group. Everybody looks for new products/services online so we need to be among their findings. The first step is to have an appealing web site followed by a profile in the different social networks. Collaborating is as well important and the net offers us a wide range of options.


• Crowdfunding has become a popular tendency to get funding for a new project or startup business. This way you can offer the possibility to other people to take part in your business. There are many crowdfunding platforms but each one has a different purpose.

• We present here below some of the most popular ones:

o Kickstarter. It is the most popular crowdfunding site on the Internet, devoted to funding inventions and creative works. Moreover you don't have the commitment of returning the money if the goal is not reached.

o Indiegogo. Although it is not as well known as Kickstarter it presents some advantages that the first one doesn’t have. Indiegogo has flexible funding that lets you keep the funds you've raised, even when you haven't been able to reach your goal. It also lets you buy funded products in the platform's marketplace, so successful projects have another potential source of income.

o Patreon. Another popular crowdfunding platform is Patreon which works through subscriptions. It doesn’t work for straight-up campaigns, but for providing on-going financial support for a creative artist. There's also the option to provide content exclusive to patrons who are subscribed to your Patreon through the site itself.

o GoFundMe. This one is more popular for individuals who need money right away. It’s common to see people here asking for crowdfunding for short-term projects or medical emergencies.

There are different options and we highly recommend you to check them in case you need financial support. Bear in mind that through these platforms you are receiving money from people who will not benefit from your business, they are doing it for supporting your cause.




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